Take the Challenge BIG

Now is always a good time to get involved! No previous Scouting experience is required; all you need is a bit of free time, a desire to help, some common sense and a good sense of humour.

If you have children within Batchworth Sea Scouts, we expect every family to be positively contributing effort towards the running of the Group. Each section either runs a scheduled parent rota, with an expectation that each family helps at roughly one section meeting per term or calls for parental assistance to support specific events, such as more complicated section meetings. Please ensure that you are readily helping when asked by the Leaders and Parent Representatives.

We also run several headline fundraisers throughout the year, such as our March & September Jumble Sales and Rickmansworth Canal Festival.  Every family must help at least one of these events, preferably more. A log of volunteers is kept to ensure we are thanking those that assist, with social events also held to reward those that contribute towards the Group.

In addition to general support that we expect all families to give, we have a number of specific roles that suit a range of skills and time commitments. Scan the tiles below to see the current volunteer vacancies we have at Batchworth. All roles are flexible and all technical roles are supported by experienced Batchworth members. Click on any tile for more information. 

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Our current volunteers confirm exactly how rewarding it is to be a part of Batchworth Sea Scouts!

“Super fun and laughter all day” – helper at a recent Jumble Sale

“Good fun, great people and nice to support an organisation that gives my son so much enjoyment” – parent of current member

“Muck in and make a difference” – keen fundraiser