The scout sections at Batchworth Sea Scouts are unique within the area.  With the focus on being outdoors and active all year round, our section meetings are held on Saturdays.  This allows us to plan an adventurous and rewarding programme of activities which cater for our core age range of 10 to 14 years.

We have two scout troops meeting at Batchworth:

  • Discovery Troop meets every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 5.30pm.  It is led by André Roy with a team of assistant’s and parent volunteers.
  • Endeavour Troop meets Saturday mornings, 10.30am to 1.30pm, led by Matthew Dawson and his team.

Both troops run a similar programme with the same opportunities offered to members of either section – for example, most camps and expeditions are run as one combined unit.  If you would like to enquire about your child joining one of our Scout troops, please email


Whilst water activities are a central theme to our programme, we are equally engaged in various events ashore!  During a typical year, we may spend over 10 nights away on camps and team competitions; which include the annual ‘Green Beret’ challenge and ‘Nimrod’ night exercise.  Our summer camp each August provides our members with a chance to excel away from home, bonding with other members as they explore their own capabilities.


The young members are arranged within separate Patrol groups, with a Patrol Leader taking the lead within their small team.  Batchworth Sea Scouts strongly believes in providing equal opportunities to all young people within our local area and implement the stringent safeguarding procedures of the Scout Association.  All activities are likewise supervised by an experienced team in accordance with established guidelines.  Please see Scouting for All for more details.

Join the Fun!

We want to open up additional capacity and offer increased opportunities by growing our adult support team.  Appointing new leaders, instructors and parent volunteers is an on-going process, meaning we have a mature training and mentoring programme in place to help you realise your ambitions as an adult within scouting.  Please see our Volunteering page for more details.