Facemask with Window Pattern

You may have seen recent reports saying that to travel on Public Transport or visit Public Buildings it is advisable to wear a facemask during the Coronavirus Pandemic. In May 2020 Bograts Explorers made their own facemasks. Most facemasks hide your mouth; no one can see your expressions or your lips moving. This becomes really important:

  • In a group, so you can see who’s taking
  • To judge a person’s body language – are they smiling or looking stern?
  • Or if the person you are taking with needs to lip read to fully understand what you are saying.

Luckily, our Explorer Scout Leaders have found a solution to this problem and set about encouraging our members to replicate this excellent example, modelled by Quentin:

To make your own mask with a clear cutout section over your mouth, you will need:

  1. Two bits of cotton material 16.5cm x 30cm – the wackier the better!
  2. Elastic
  3. Scissors
  4. A bit of clear plastic, like a document wallet
  5. Needle & Thread or Sewing machine
  6. Print out of this pattern (its the length of a sheet of A4)
  7. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2_fzooIKNU

Please note the masks will provide you with some limited protection from Covid 19, but they are not infallible. The mask is mainly to protect other people from you!

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