Minibus Booking Form

Please use the form below to request the use of the Batchworth Sea Scouts Minibus.  You can select one or multiple dates, which will be shaded grey when selected.  Please state in the details box the purpose of the booking (e.g. Bograts DoE Camp) and also add a note if you wish to reserve our box trailer alongside the minibus.

Please submit separate requests for non-consecutive bookings, otherwise a conflict on one day may lead to the whole series of bookings being rejected.  Please contact us directly if your required date is already shown as busy, particularly if your requirement is for only part of the day.

[booking type=1 form_type=’standard’ nummonths=2]


Note: after submission, you should see a message saying “Thank you for your online booking”.  Unfortunately, no automated email is generated when the admin users confirm your request.  You can return to this page to check the status – if not showing as approved within 48 hours, please contact