Parent Briefing Sessions

Beavers, Seals
Saturday 2nd March
Beavers, Turtles
Thursday 28th February
Cubs, Tempest
Tuesday 26th February
Cubs, Warrior
Wednesday 27th February 
Scouts, Endeavour
Saturday 2nd March
Scouts, Discovery
Saturday 2nd March

Batchworth Sea Scouts is run by parents and volunteers for the enjoyment of every member and it is vital that all parents are aware of how this process operates.  A series of short meetings are planned to cover current issues and future plans, as well as outline the funding and governance of the group.  It also gives members the opportunity to feedback views, thoughts and any concerns.

It may not sound exciting, but it is essential to the continued provision of the fun, adventure and life skills Batchworth currently offers your children.  We do expect full attendance from parents – just like parents’ evening at school.  Whilst the parent briefing is in progress, the section leaders will entertain the youth members elsewhere.

The briefing sessions will run at every section meeting in the week following half-term and parents only need to attend one session, if you have members in multiple sections.  If you are not able to attend your own member’s section meeting, please simply attend an alternative one from the list below.  The meeting will last approximately 30 – 40 minutes.

When parking at the Batchworth headquarters, please try to park within the marked spaces as this maximises the capacity of our car park.

Many thanks,

Michael Read – Group Scout Leader


Parent Briefing Sessions Timetable


Covid-19 and Scouting

Batchworth Sea Scouts follows the advice of The Scout Association in relation to the safe delivery of Scouting, who in turn work with The National Youth Agency to translate Government advice into governance rules.  They have implemented a tiered Readiness Level, controlling the type of activities that can be delivered based on local conditions.

We are currently at GREEN readiness level meaning only limited formal restrictions apply to our activities.

We are still required to consider all risks associated with Covid and to mitigate these as appropriate, but we are looking forward to conducting a busy scouting programme this Autumn.

Meeting Times

Meeting times are subject to occasional amendment to accommodate the best programme delivery.