Adults at Lochearnhead

Guidance notes for adult volunteers.

As well as securing the spaces for scouts and explorers, we need to get a handle on the adult supervisors who are able to commit to the trip – it’s a fantastic place and I hope we have lots of adults very keen to come help support this exciting expedition!  

With space for around 60 under 18’s, we need up to 30 adults to help conduct the expedition.  This is roughly broken down thus:

  • Sailing team x 4 (at least 2 permit holders)Prepare To Volunteer
  • Kayaking team x 4 (at least 2 permit holders)
  • Cycling team x 4
  • Walking team x 4 (at least 2 permit holders)
  • Climbing team x 4 (at least 2 permit holders)

In addition to the above activity teams, we need minibus drivers to transport teams to their start points and return them later in the day.  We expect to have access to 3 minibuses, for which minibus permits are also required.  Therefore, we have a job of work to do between now and July 2019 to ensure we can obtain all the permits required!

On any given day, we are also likely to need rota’d catering teams as the expectation is that the scouts focus on activities, with meals largely provided.  We may still have a ‘duty patrol’ to assist with catering and other duties around the station, but we are still likely to need 4 adults per breakfast or dinner in the galley.  No one really wants to spend a week in the kitchens, so we hope to rotate catering across adults, giving everyone some days on the hills or the water.

Finally, we should consider the requirement to supervise unwell scouts at the station who may be unable to attend activities.  Hence the rough thoughts of 30 adults! 

Adult Accommodation 

As explained here, all accommodation is ranged across a number of communal cabins with bunk beds.  We can achieve a number of combinations of male/female scouts, explorers and adults with the cabins available to us.  Couples are unfortunately not easily arranged in these cabins – but in the past we have pitched tents on a grass section of the platform behind the leaders cabins.  Campervans can also be hooked up in the car park!

Costs for adults attending

We hope to keep these to around £100, to include the onsite accommodation, 3 square meals a day and coach or minibus transport to/from the station.  This cost will vary based on the numbers we have attending and the amount of fundraising we can do to support the trip.  Unfortunately, we can only refund the fuel costs for vehicles which are used to support the trip (such as used to tow equipment up to Scotland or transport teams around when we get up there).  Likewise, you are welcome to stay in luxury accommodation offsite at your own costs.  We can see about a reduced adult attendee rate for those that are transporting themselves and sorting their own lodging (e.g. just covering your food bills).  It is tough to give a definitive answer at this stage, until we know more about numbers and can budget more effectively.

Volunteer Roles

In the coming weeks, we’ll formally start the process of recording who is attending, what skills they present and any training requirements.  We’re also looking for some folks to take ownership of specific roles, such as:

  • Logistics Manager – sorting out the minibuses, qualified drivers and towing requirements
  • Quartermaster – in charge of the expedition equipment, sorting it out beforehand and tracking it when up at station
  • Cycling Team Leader – bike hire and route planning!
  • Expedition First Aider/Station Nurse
  • Administration Manager – helping with the participant paperwork, rotas, patrol competition points & emergency contacts
  • Fundraising Manager – tracking who is doing what fundraising, encouraging external fund raising activities, supporting internal ones
  • Expedition Treasurer – recording money in and money out!

Everything above is open to much discussion particularly as clarity on numbers unfolds.