Additional Badges

The Scouting Association have launched an exciting range of new badges for Beavers. These badges guarantee young people lots of fun and adventure whilst giving them the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills.

Beavers will be able to gain new awards (Collecting and Sports) outside the beaver meetings, as well as up to three Hobby badges.

The forms, together with the requirements for these awards are downloadable below:

Collector badge form

Hobby badge form

Sports badge form

Covid-19 and Scouting

Batchworth Sea Scouts follows the advice of The Scout Association in relation to the safe delivery of Scouting, who in turn work with The National Youth Agency to translate Government advice into governance rules.  They have implemented a tiered Readiness Level, controlling the type of activities that can be delivered based on local conditions.

We are currently at Yellow readiness level allowing group sessions where precautions and social distancing are implemented, including small overnight expeditions.  We expect further changes in the coming months as the national picture evolves.

Leaders continue to work with parents to deliver the best scouting experience possible, whilst conforming to the current Readiness Level restrictions.

Thank you to everyone for your support in these times and please contact us with ideas, suggestions and requests.

Meeting Times

Currently, meeting times are subject to amendment to accommodate the best programme delivery within Covid restrictions.